Wagner Titan Airless Pump XT250

SKU: Wagner-TitanXT250-0516011


At the heart of this airless spray machine is a 1/2 horsepower motor capable of pumping out a max of 2500 PSI. Your material of choice will run through the included 25 foot and 1/4″ hose. The top output of this unit is 0.25 gallons per minute. In other words, you can paint 200-250 sq ft in minutes which is a far cry from using brushes and rollers.

The spraying tip included with this machine is a reversible 415. This means a pattern size width of about 8 inches is expected. Additionally, the largest tip size compatible with this unit is 0.015 inches. As a result, out of the box this model is best for medium thickness materials. These include latex and acrylic coatings, varnishes, stains and so on.