DeckWise Hardwood Deck Tile Ends

SKU: DeckWise-TileEnds-Ipe-24in-Straight

  • 100% All-natural, chemical-free hardwoods
  • Low-maintenance & naturally resistant to mold, decay & insects
  • Simple to remove, rearrange and lay in new locations
  • 30-40% more cost-effective than plastic and wood-plastic materials
  • Proven to last in extreme hot, dry, wet, & cold climates

Hardwood Deck Tiles are modular solid Brazilian hardwood tiles that will transform any horizontal surface such as a balcony, an unsightly cracked concrete slab, outdoor shower, rooftop, pool/spa area or even an existing deck into a modern, elegant living space. As an affordable option for home owners, installations are quick, easy and only take hours to install. Not days.

Deck Tiles are easy to remove, re-arrange and re-lay. As well, they lend themselves to interchangeable patterns to create gorgeous arrangements. Easily pull up and store your hardwood tiles when the weather becomes harsh and re-install them as the weather warms up. What if you move? Simply unsnap the tiles and connectors and take them with you to your new home. It’s that easy!