Feeney Cabelrail 7-1/2" Terminal for Wood 1/8" x 20'

SKU: Feeney-Cablerail-6320

  • Assembly includes: 1/8" diameter type 316 stainless steel cable with 7-1/2" threaded terminal fitting pre-attached to one end; (1ea) QuickConnect® SS fitting; (2ea) stainless steel flat washers, (1ea) stainless steel Snug-Grip washer nut.
  • Versatile uses: railings, trellises, fences, exterior, interior, residential, commercial.
  • Simple, fast, do-it-yourself installation using prefabricated assemblies.
  • Each assembly includes special, easy-to-use Threaded Terminal and Quick-Connect®SS end fittings that remain concealed in your end posts.
  • Colored or stainless steel decorative end caps offer a finished detail (sold separately)

Easy-to-install, prefabricated cable assemblies are an attractive, budget-friendly, and low-maintenance alternative to commonly used metal and wood picket infill. Assemblies use 1/8'' diameter high-strength, weather-tough type 316 stainless steel cable and come in a wide range of standard lengths that can be quickly trimmed to size in the field!