Feeney Cablerail 1/8" Quick Connect Lag

SKU: Feeney-CableConnectLag-9905

  • For use with 1/8" diam. Feeney CableRail cable only.
  • Screws into the face of a wood post or wall using a hanger bolt with 1/4" lag thread (included).
  • Fixed ends are fittings that have no tensioning capabilities. Tension adjustment fittings are used to tighten the lines. Evey cable assembly must be paired with a tension adjustment fitting.
  • Typically paired with a Quick-Connect Lag Swivel Turnbuckle (sold separately).
  • Contains 2 Hanger Bolts: A shorter bolt with 2" of lag thread for use with wood posts and a longer bolt, with 2-1/2" inches of lag thread for use with wood posts with a decorative wood wrap or composite sleeve.
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel.