Gama Sonic Emergency and Camping Solar Flashlight with USB Charging Port

Gama Sonic
SKU: QCS-s-GamaSonic-23i60065


The Gama Sonic Emergency and Camping Solar Flashlight is a multipurpose utility solar lantern complete with a USB charging port for the option of charging anywhere on the go. Featuring three lumen options of spotlight, low and high, you will be prepared for camping trips, outdoor activities, or any emergencies with this solar lantern.


The Gama Sonic Emergency and Camping Solar Flashlight is a multipurpose solar flashlight suitable for emergency situations where power is lost. Ideal for home use or for outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable source of light for outdoor activities, camping trips, and more.

These solar lantern lights feature two power sources: solar panel and USB. Gama Sonic’s cutting-edge 3W solar panel is integrated into the fixture offering full illumination after 24 hours of sunlight. In addition, the USB charging port feature offers full illumination after 10 hours of charging. A light intensity control is also offered with three lumen options: spotlight (100 lumens), low (500 lumens), and high (1,000 lumens).

Constructed of ABS+PVC construction, this solar utility lantern is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions in emergency situations, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or snowstorms.

In addition to home emergency use, the Gama Sonic solar flashlight is the ideal choice for an outdoor enthusiast who needs a bright source of light. Whether light is needed for the campsite, fishing, or hiking, the Gama Sonic Emergency and Camping Solar Flashlight is your solar lantern and flashlight solution.

Once your solar lantern light is fully charged, enjoy up to 15 hours of uninterrupted, bright lighting to


  • Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast for camping trips and anywhere light is needed while walking outdoors

  • Solar flashlight features two charging options: solar or USB. The 3W solar panel requires 24 hours for a full charge in the sun, or the USB charging port offers 10 hours of charging time

  • Multipurpose utility solar lantern light can be utilized with loss of power in emergency situations such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms

  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation means energy is only used when needed at night. Please allow an initial 2-3 days of full charge for optimal performance

  • Use as a lantern or flashlight with the option of an easy-grip handle