Gama Sonic Li-Ion Replacement Battery 2PK, 3.2V, 3000ma (fits GS-94, 97, 104, 103)

Gama Sonic
SKU: GamaSonic-GS-32V30


This Gama Sonic IFR18650 3.2-volt 3000-mAh, 2-cell replacement Lithium-Ion battery pack is specially designed to work in outdoor conditions, maintaining high performances throughout its lifecycle.

Please read the full product description at the bottom of the page to view the supported solar lamp models for this battery.

Consult your owner’s manual or the Gama Sonic website for instructions on replacing the old battery pack in your solar light fixture. Follow your municipal/regional waste-handling policies for proper disposal of the old battery pack.

Supported Solar Lamp Models for Gama Sonic IFR18650 3.2v 3000mah Li-Ion Battery Pack
(GS-97F-GE) (GS-97N) (GS-104) (GS-103) (GS-94) (GS-94B)