Perma Chink Epoxy Wood Consolidator Kit

SKU: QSC-s-Perma-Chink-EpoxyKit

Epoxy wood rot repair kit Includes enough M-Balm and E-Wood for small repairs.

M-Balm epoxy liquid penetrates deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried-out or spongy wood, curing and hardening into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture.

The more M-Balm used, the stronger the restored wood member will become. It consolidates the decayed area in preparation for use with E-Wood.

  • Restores strength to deteriorated wood
  • Vinegar clean-up
  • Deep Penetration

Shelf Life

  • 1 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Squeeze bottle
  • Brush and roller

Surface Preparation

  • Clean and dry
  • Moisture content below 15%
Special Instructions
  • See label
  • Do not allow to freeze