Simpson Strong-Tie Cap Head Truss to Rafter Screws

Simpson Strong-Tie
SKU: Simpson-SDWC15600-KT-1

  • Fully threaded shank engages the entire length of the fastener, providing a secure connection between the roof and wall framing members
  • Cap-style head countersinks fully into the double top plate to avoid interference with drywall or finish trades
  • Wide tolerance on installation angle makes it easy to install the SDWC correctly
  • Can be installed from inside the structure, eliminating exterior work on the upper stories and enhancing job safety
  • Fastening can be performed before or after exterior sheathing is applied for added flexibility
  • Metal installation guide tool (included) to help ensure proper installation
  • Matched-tolerance driver bit (included) engages fastener head securely to allow one-handed driving (replacement bit part no. BIT30T-2-RC3)
  • Orange color for easy inspection
  • Type-17 point for faster starts and easier driving
  • SDWC15450 is recognized for use in chemically treated wood as described in the evaluation report