Simpson Strong-Tie Hex Head Connector Screw 100 Packs

Simpson Strong-Tie
SKU: Simpson-SD9112R100

  • Specifically designed to replace nails in certain Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and is the only screw approved for that application. The #9 and #10 SD screws replace 10d and 16d nails, respectively.
  • Tested and approved for use in many of our best-selling connectors for both interior and most exterior applications.
  • Ideal for use in connector applications where more control is desired or using a hammer is inconvenient.
  • 1/4" hex head with 0.37"-dia. integrated washer reduces cam-out and is stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie "≠" sign and the fastener size for easy identification after installation.
  • Shank is specifically designed to match the fastener holes in Simpson Strong-Tie connectors.
  • Patented serrated threads and sharp point make driving easy.
  • Optimized heat treating for ductility and strength.
  • The single-fastener load capacity of the SD9 exceeds the capacity of a 10d common nail, while the single-fastener load capacity of the SD10 exceeds that of the 16d common nail.
  • Hex driver included.