Solar Goes Green Solar RGB LED Color Selectable Flood Light w/ Remote

Solar Goes Green


SGG-RGB-54-2R Color Changing Flood Light 

Solar Goes Green has brought RGB LEDs to our commercial grade powerful flood light.  The new RGB technology encompasses a Red, Green and Blue LED on the same chip set.  This configuration allows the light to change to any color on the color spectrum using the new and sophisticated RF Color Wheel Remote control. 

This latest breakthrough in floodlight illumination technology coupled with Li-Ion battery performance makes this unit the perfect choice for illuminating larger areas with a Solar Powered Flood light with color selection at the touch of a remote control. 

The lamp housing is sturdy die cast aluminum.  The battery and LEDs are conveniently located on the same unit allowing for a clean and easy installation.  The power full 13.5 V, 11 Watt "Bat-Wing" solar panel (2 pieces hinged) provide a powerful charging platform for the 11.1 V, 8 Ah Li-Ion battery. 

The Solar Goes Green SGG-RGB-54-2R is ideal for lighting an area approximately 30' x 30'. This color selectable solar powered flood light is ideal for use in illuminating HOA signs, architectural structures, outdoor sculptures, building wall washing and large landscape features. Estimated light output is approximately 150 watts and Lumen measurement will vary based on the Color Kelvin selected.    

This light turns on automatically at night and off at dawn with a master override On/Off switch on light fixture for convenience as well as an RF Remote Control that will operate up to 50 feet away. The light will remember the last color chosen by the controller.  Depending on environmental issues (geographic location in US and weather temperatures) estimated night time hours of operation is 8-10 hours on a fully charged battery.  Full charge occurs with 10 hours of direct unobstructed sunlight.  Solar panel needs to be faced to the Southern horizon at a 45 degree angle. 


  • 54 RGB/LED (Lamp Measures 11" x 8.5" x 3.5")
  • Lamp Housing is Die Cast Aluminum with tempered glass
  • 13.5 Volt, 11 Watt Poly Crystalline Hinged Solar Panel (27"x 11.5" x 1")
  • 11.1 volt 8Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Over charge/discharge protection circuitry
  • 9' of wire between battery and light unit, with water proof connection
  • Automatic on at Dusk
  • Master over ride On/Off Switch on light and RF Remote Control
  • SKU# SGG-RGB-54-2R
  • Optional pole mount for solar panel with SGG-PoleMT-301 kit

Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 9 

Weight: 16 lb

UPC#: 850901003590