Wagner MotoCoat Complete

SKU: Wagner-MotoCoat-0529031

  • X-Boost Turbine provides great atomization and the portable power for painting anywhere without additional equipment
  • iSpray Nozzle and cup attachment sprays protective coatings to create a thick coat with a texture finish
  • Detailed Finish Nozzle and cup sprays thin materials with even coverage and smooth finish
  • 39' of High-Flex Hose allows for complete maneuverability around a vehicle
  • Adjustable material flow gives the user control to match the project application

It is a self-contained sprayer with a spark-contained motor, long reaching hose and two nozzle attachments. 

The MotoCoat Complete sprayer applies everything from heavy truck bed coatings and undercoating to light materials such as rubberized peelable coatings and auto finishing paints.