DeKor 8-Pack Dek Dots Recessed Light LED Kit w/ Transformer & Timer


Compact LED Recessed Lights for decks, docks, patios, walkways and more.  Designed to be walked upon, embedded in concrete, or used underwater! Use them on a deck, dock, stair tread or riser face, brick pavers or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  Bright and hardly seen once installed, the diameter of these lights is less than 1". Waterproof and completely sealed -- use on a dock (salt or fresh water), around a hot tub, in a shower -- they can even be totally submerged in a fountain or water feature when properly housed.  
Installation is a breeze when you use DeKor's specially designed drill stop (included) that yields the precise depth for a flush fit.  Just drill the hole using our specially sized Forstner bit, drill a small hole in the center to run the wires, and push the DEK DOTS in place - it's that simple.  With the locking feature designed into the housing there is no need for glue or anything else to hold them in place.
Easy installation, featuring DeKor's "plug-n-play" connectors. Lights plug into central hubs that in turn plug back into the power supply, hence there is no need to strip wires (in most applications).
Complete Kit Includes:
  • (8) LED DEK DOT Light Elements, with 6ft plugged wire lengths
  • (1) EZ Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (2.5 amp, 36 watt) with the capacity to light (30) LED Light Elements
  • (1) Custom Ground Forstner Bit with depth stop
  • (1) Dusk to Dawn Timer with variable timed off settings
  • (2) plug-n-play 6-port splitters and (2) 10ft plugged wire extensions
  • (1) Installation Instructions
  • 1" diameter lights, 1W each, 12V DC low-voltage
  • Dekor product # DEKDOTKIT  
  • UL Listed