Deckwise Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners 175 Ct

SKU: Deckwise-IpeClipExtreme-Black-175pc

  • 175 ct Ipe Clip Extreme Fasteners
  • 190 ct Deckwise Trim-Headed Screws
  • 12 ct Ipe Plugs (3/8")
  • 1 Drill Bit
  • 1 Screwdriver T15 Star Drive Bit

Get maximum holding power, individual board flexibility, and narrow 3/32" gapping with Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners from DeckWise. Available in black, brown and grey to be inconspicuous in many types of wood decks, these fasteners are great in hardwood, cedar, and composites. Ipe Clip's design attaches the board to the joist on one side, which allows the board to expand and contract as weather conditions change. For boards that are not pre-grooved, slots for these small fasteners can be quickly added with a biscuit joiner or router. DeckWise designed these fasteners to last by combining a UV & chemical resistant polyethylene with a hardened stainless steel insert. To get Ipe plugs to effortlessly and invisibly fasten your starter and end boards, opt for the Complete Kit.