DeckWise Joist Tape Rolled Flashing Material

SKU: DeckWise-JoistTape

  • 3" X 75', 1 Roll
  • Self-Adhesive Deck Flashing & Anti-Corrosion Barrier
  • 0.30 - 0.40 Mill Thickness
  • Install at 40 Degrees F or warmer
  • Must be applied to clean, dry surface
  • Helps prevent wood rot from trapped water
  • Suitable for use in all weather climates
  • Features self-adhesive backing for ease of use
When this tape is applied to the top of decking joists, over ledger boards, and around support posts, it creates a waterproof seal that helps stop decay and wood rot. Rot is caused by moisture that stays in contact with treated and untreated lumber deck framing and the above decking material.

Wood decay can also occur when deck screws penetrate the deck boards, piercing the joist sub-framing below. The application of WiseWrap® JoistTape™ will also seal around decking screws preventing the intrusion of moisture and water.

WiseWrap® JoistTape™ "Super Grip" rubberized asphalt adhesive is a self-sealer around deck screws that blocks a primary pathway for water infiltration into deck joists. When it blocks this moisture and prevents wood rot, the barrier tape will maximize the life of your brand new deck or restoration.