DeKor 4-Pack Millenium Recessed LED Stair, Down Lights

SKU: DeKor-RDL405P


The Millennium Collection from DEKOR takes mood lighting to a whole new dimension with small yet powerful low voltage LED lights that offer function and style. Perfect for landscape lighting, decks, docks, steps, patios, and gardens. Dock lights and marine lighting. You can even embed them in concrete walkways or steps -- wherever accent lighting is desired. Dekor's new recessed lights are 40% brighter than ever and feature an LED technology designed to last for decades. Tiny LED lights are perfect for safely lighting stairs and under rails, and our recessed lights are compact enough to fit just about anywhere. Nobody builds a brighter LED in such a small package. Dekor takes great pride in their innovative LED technology and the quality and craftsmanship of our LED Lighting products.

Dekor stands behind their recessed lights and all other LED lighted products with an industry-leading 10 Year Warranty against failure of workmanship or materials, twice as long as other LED recessed lights on the market. Made in USA, warm white LEDs, cool to the touch, green, energy efficient ( Energy Star Partner ), waterproof / weatherproof / salt air resistant ( great for dock lights, marine lights ), aircraft grade aluminum casing, AlodineTM coated, dimmable, expandable, adds safety and security to your home, easy to install, virtually flush with the surface, and hardly visible. Specs: Width of bezel = 1-1/4", Mounting hole diameter = .900", Mounting hole depth = 1", Length of wire pigtail = 72". 10 Year Warranty.

Easy installation, featuring DeKor's "plug-n-play" connectors. Lights plug into central hubs that in turn plug back into the power supply, hence there is no need to strip wires (in most applications).

PLEASE NOTE:  "Stair" lights project light at a 30-degree angle, as used for lighting the stair tread directly below.  "Down" lights project light straight outwards.

This kit contains:
  • (4) LED Light Elements and Housings (Colored Bezels)with 6ft plugged wire lengths
  • (1) 6-port plug-n-play splitter, and (1) 10ft plugged wire extension
  • Easy to Install, 10-Year Warranty