Ghostshield Epoxy Max 100, 100% Solids Epoxy Coating

SKU: QCS-Ghostshield-epoxy100-Clear

Best used as a primer and/or base coat. Supplied as a two-component kit that is easily applied with a squeegee. Best used as a system for interior floors exposed to potential fuel or chemical spills, heavy equipment, or extreme temperatures such as repair shops, garages and warehouse floors. A topcoat is recommended after application for added UV stability and abrasion resistance. Best used with the Armor-Tek 830 topcoat for clear, solid color floors or metallic floors. Best used with the Polyaspartic 930 for flake floors. Best used with Max Wear Urethane 960 for industrial floors

Repel chemicals and resist abrasions with this 100% solids high-build epoxy coating - can be used as a clear or solid color system, with flakes or metallics.

Epoxy Max 100 is a 100% solids, two-component self-leveling epoxy designed to coat concrete floors with excellent chemical resistance. Combining the highest quality epoxy components, the Epoxy Max 100 seals and provides a high build floor.

Epoxy Max 100 leaves a high-gloss finish that will not fade or delaminate when used with a durable topcoat.

COVERAGEUp to 50-150 square feet