SKU: QCS-Ghostshield440


Supplied as a two-component kit and easily applied with a squeegee, nap roller or brush, the Vapor-Tek 440 can be used on a variety of horizontal concrete applications. Recommended for areas with high risks of moisture intrusion, hydrostatic pressure and vapor transmission such as basements and warehouse floors. For interior use only, grinding or etching of the surface is recommended prior to application. Keep in mind this product has a quick set up time. Once Part A and Part B are mixed you have 5-25 minutes to apply the product before it begins to harden. Mix in small batches following the 2 Parts A to 1 Part B mix ratio to extend the pot life.

This product reduces the permeance of moisture vapor through concrete substrates to levels that are acceptable for the installation of hardwood flooring, carpet and tile. Flooring is protected and kept dry eliminating the risk of mold and mildew. The high performance and quick installation features of this system make it an ideal solution. Meets ASTM F3010 for vapor permeance.

A moisture vapor barrier coating designed to waterproof concrete floors. Controls moisture vapor emission rates up to 20lb/24 hr/1000ft prior to the application of hardwood flooring, carpet and tile

COVERAGEUp to 100 square feet