GhostShield Polyaspartic 745 High Gloss Food Safe Durable Concrete Countertop Sealer - Quart Kit, Mix Part A & Part B

SKU: GhostShield-Polyaspartic745


A quick drying, high gloss, concrete countertop and floor coating. Industrial grade, solvent-based and food-safe.

Easily applied with a solvent-rated roller or brush, the 745 is supplied as a two-component kit and can be used on indoor concrete floors and concrete countertops. For interior use only, sanding or etching of the surface is recommended prior to application.

A clear, high gloss finish makes this product unique. This industrial grade formula will not yellow, fade, chip or delaminate and regular maintenance can keep concrete looking good for years to come. Keep in mind the 745 has a fast set time, so once the two components are mixed together it needs to be applied immediately.

Measure twice, seal once. You’ve chosen the right sealer—now make sure you have the right amount.

  • COVERAGE: Up to 50 square feet
  • COATS: 1
  • FINISH: High-Gloss
  • CHEMISTY: Urethane