York 8" x 20' Cooper Flashing

SKU: York-8x20-Y0308

  • Two layers of self-sealing protection
  • Non-asphalt, 100% waterproof adhesive will not stain
  • Easy to form on-site by hand and no extra tools are required to shape it
  • Resists temperatures up to 275°F without separation
  • Use for decks, sills or windows

Unlike typical paper backings that wear away when they're wet, YorkShield 106 PT flashing has a new polymer backing that effectively isolates galvanized joist hangers and fasteners from the decking - and the corrosive effects of ACQ and other treatments - so pressure treated decks look better and last longer. It's the state-of-the-art deck flashing that has it all - the protective qualities you want in copper flashing, plus a non-asphalt adhesive, so it won't stain concrete, vinyl or wood.